Boris Cabrilo

“I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.”

Oscar Wilde




I was born on August 26th, 1986 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. However I have lived all my life in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. I finished elementary school and first three years of highschool in Herceg Novi. Then I went to Tampa Bay, Florida where I finished my fourth year of highschool. In 2005 I enrolled in American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, where I am currently doing my third year of college. I plan to do master studies after completing my Bachelor of Science degree


Since I know for myself I have been a big fan of sports. I love all kind of sports, especially soccer, basketball, waterpolo and tennis. I was a member of tennis club for eight years and then of basketball club for two. Right now I am more envolved in watching then playing. Another way to spend my day is to have fun with my friends and my girlfriend and to go out to clubs and enjoy my college days. I also like playing Playstation games and working with computers.